EVERDURE CALTITE - Over 30 Year Proven Performance in Acidic Environments

Protection of foundations and other concrete from disintegration by acids and acidic groundwater is vital to ensure the long-term performance of the structure. If acid attack occurs to foundations, it may remain undetected until serious damage is incurred and would be very difficult to repair.

The EVERDURE CALTITE System has been shown to be the practical way to protect concrete against acid attack. Unlike coatings or membranes, EVERDURE CALTITE, is not susceptible to discontinuities or mechanical damage as it protects throughout the concrete mass.

However, under conditions of extreme acid exposure, we do recommend that appropriate surface coatings should be used in conjunction with EVERDURE CALTITE to protect against attack of the external surface.

tunnel section of singapore river transit system
This tunnel section of the Mass Rapid Transit System beneath the Singapore River was protected with EVERDURE CALTITE. This concrete was exposed to both a marine environment and the pH of the adjacent soil was found to be as low as 2.8.
foundations for hotel on river bank
The soils adjacent to the Kuching River are both acidic and rich in sulphate salts with a pH as low as 3.0% and sulphate levels of 0.49%. The foundations for the Hilton Motel on the banks of the river are protected with EVERDURE CALTITE System