EVERDURE CALTITE - Basements, Tunnels & Retaining Walls

Eliminate Messy Membranes & Tanking and achieve massive time & cost savings

The EVERDURE CALTITE SYSTEM for waterproofing substructures such as basements, tunnels and retaining walls gives many major benefits to owners, designers and contractors.

  • Space-saving: Delivering maximum usable area to owner and user. No need for excavation to allow tanking application or subsoil drainage layers, no need for cavity walls with drainage systems.
  • Reduced construction time and cost: No need for time-consuming additional treatments - the concrete is waterproof when placed.
  • Reliable, time-proven damp-proof performance, including under hydrostatic pressure; On-going successful track record demonstrated over more than 45 years, in thousands of Caltite concrete structures, including roofs and podium decks, retaining walls, underground car parks, railway stations and commercial precincts, tunnels and virtually any water retaining applications.
  • Simplified design and reduced design time: No need for laborious tanking detailing, installation and protection. Simply specify EVERDURE CALTITE SYSTEM HPI concrete on the drawings for any part of the structure in contact with water.
  • Simplicity & Ease of Repair: Placement imperfections (e.g. "honey-comb" / faulty joint, etc) are quickly located and easily sealed from either side of the structure by filling with Caltite-modified non-shrink grout, or by PU injection. Moisture or dampness is not able to migrate around the repair area, or move into other parts of the section, because the capilllary pathways have been sealed by Caltite, and are not available to transport dampness/moisture or salts.
  • Permanent in effect with advanced durability - CALTITE's unique Hydrophobic Matrix and Pore-blocking Action provides time-proven design-life durability and immunity to chlorides and sulphates.

Design Considerations

  1. Since effectively no water or moisture will transpire through properly compacted EVERDURE CALTITE concrete, only construction joints or projections / service penetrations through the structure need to be sealed. Cementaid provides simple, easy-to-use standard details for these areas.
  2. Applied renders or tile finishes, etc., should be bonded using a Cementaid WELDCRETE / cement bonding slurry, to ensure tenacious adhesion to the waterproof CALTITE concrete substrate.

Queen St Bus Tunnel waterproofed with Everdure Caltite
Queen Street Bus Tunnel,
Brisbane, Australia,
waterproofed and protected
with Everdure Caltite.
JP Morgan Bank basement waterproofed with Everdure Caltite
The deep basement of the JP Morgan Bank HQ, Blackfriars, London, UK, waterproofed and damp proofed with the Everdure Caltite System.
Underground plant room 19m below sea level water & corrosion proofed
The prestigious IBM & Nestle Towers on Sydney's Darling Harbour. Underground plant rooms and eight parking levels, extending up to 19 metres below sea level, are waterproofed and corrosion proofed using Everdure Caltite System.
Sub-sea basement in  Hong Kong retaining walls
The second level of a sub-sea basement in Hong Kong adjacent to the sea is an air conditioned billiard hall. The retaining walls with around 6 metres hydrostatic pressure are wall papered!