EVERDURE CALTITE - Over 30 Year Proven Performance in Industrial Flooring

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The floor of a factory, chemical storage or production facility is a key component in its profitability. Premature deterioration of the floor slab involves great costs in terms of repair and down-time. EVERDURE CALTITE effectively dampproofs and corrosion proofs concrete slabs without the need for external layers which so often fail. EVERDURE CALTITE also provides a hygienic, durable floor which is most suitable for many industrial, agricultural and food processing applications.

Many fertilisers are not only highly aggressive but also very hygroscopic, (i.e. they rapidly absorb any moisture available to them). Therefore, the floor for a fertiliser plant must not only be durable but also dampproof. EVERDURE CALTITE provides both durability and dampproofing in one system. The benefits and savings are enormous. In the floor opposite, the single, impermeable EVERDURE CALTITE slab was considerably less expensive than the conventional "sandwich construction" originally considered.

Concrete floors used for food processing and storage, markets, abattoirs and housing livestock should be designed and built to provide an easy-to-use, hygienic floor which requires a minimum of maintenance.

When exposed to food, blood, urine, faeces and the by-products of bacterial decay, ordinary concrete is subject to severe and rapid chemical and physical attack.
EVERDURE CALTITE has proven to be well suited in these applications, resisting even the most severe conditions, and remaining hard wearing and hygenic.

Everdure Caltite to damp proof and protect flooring in fertiliser terminal
The bulk storage fertiliser terminal (above) was built in 1972 using EVERDURE CALTITE to dampproof and protect the floor. After 19 years operation, the floor is still in excellent condition in spite of exposure to urea, ammonium nitrate etc
Everdure Caltite concrete floor
The above picture shows a sugar refinery with an EVERDURE CALTITE concrete floor coated with an epoxy for ease of cleaning.