EVERDURE CALTITE - Swimming Pools, Ornamental Pools and Water Tanks

The EVERDURE CALTITE SYSTEM allows the design and construction of leak-free suspended and in-ground swimming pools, ornamental pools or water features as well as water tanks.


  • Simplified design and reduced design time.
  • Simple, guaranteed detailing for pipe projections, light fixtures, etc.
  • Reduced construction time and cost: No additional protection required, surface finishes bonded directly to EVERDURE CALTITE concrete.
  • Crack-resistant EVERDURE CALTITE structural concrete
  • Permanently waterproof: Eliminating membrane repair and replacement cycles; protection for suspended swimming pools over living or commercial areas.
  • Corrosion proof EVERDURE CALTITE concrete permanently protects against chlorine and salt water corrosion attack.
  • Non-toxic: Approved for use with potable water.

Design Considerations

  1. Suspended EVERDURE CALTITE SYSTEM pools and tanks should have structural support so as to minimise structural cracking due to flexure and differential settlement. Preferably equally loaded continuous or simply-supported beams should be used; if however, there are unbalanced beams continuities, joints should be introduced to break such continuities to prevent cracking in the pool slab.
  2. Hoop stresses induced by rounded ends should be taken into account in the calculation of rebar in direct tension.
  3. Construction Joints: where required, these must conform to the Cementaid recommended Standard Details.

Everdure Caltite provides total water tightness for swimming pools
This private swimming pool contains sea water purified with ozone and kept at a temperature of approx. 32degC. Warm air constantly circulates through tunnels beside the pool. 200mm of Everdure Caltite concrete provides total watertightness as well as protection of the concrete and reinforcement
Potable water and sprinkler water tanks waterproofed with Everdure Caltite
The potable water and sprinkler water tanks of the massive Suntec City project in Singapore are waterproofed with the Everdure Caltite System. Deletion of membranes saved over 2 months construction time!