EVERDURE CALTITE - Roof & Exposed Decks

The EVERDURE CALTITE SYSTEM together with a special reinforcement pattern, offers a unique means of constructing completely waterproof flat or curved concrete slabs without surface membranes, asphalt/bitumen or other additional treatments.

The EVERDURE CALTITE SYSTEM has many major advantages over conventional roof waterproofing methods:

  • Simplified design and reduced design time: No need for membrane detailing, simply specify EVERDURE CALTITE concrete for all roof and exposed deck areas.
  • Simple, guaranteed detailing for joints and pipe projections.
  • Reduced construction time and cost: the EVERDURE CALTITE concrete is waterproof when placed, and needs no further protection of any kind.
  • Fully trafficable structural slab: No protective wearing courses are required; gives lighter structures and allows full utilisation of flat roof areas for carparking, landscaping, water-features, recreational uses, etc.
  • Permanently waterproof: No/Low maintenance; eliminates membrane repair and replacement cycles.k
  • Unaffected by projections of pipes, lighting fixtures, etc. through the slab or by subsequent works, or by plant and machinery achored into the slabs.
  • Allows staged construction of multi-storey designs: Later construction of additional floors can be easily done, if required.
  • Performance Guarantee from the manufacturer for the finished roof structure; protects designer, owner and user.

THE EVERDURE CALTITE SYSTEM operates by ensuring that:

  • Shrinkage is reduced by up to 50% by the System ingredients.
  • Tensile and compressive strengths are increased.
  • An effective curing compound is applied.
  • Movement stresses from cyclic wetting/drying are eliminated.
  • Temperature stresses are controlled by a special reinforcing pattern.

Design Considerations

  1. Special temperature control reinforcement: Continuous top steel of 10mm HRD bars at 200mm centres (or 12mm HRD bars at 300mm centres) in both directions, as a minimum top-steel requirement.
  2. Insulation: Any method of insulation can be used with an EVERDURE CALTITE roof, above or below the slab. EVERDURE CALTITE roofs can be landscaped or covered with paving/quarry tiles etc. applied directly to the surface, creating additional useable or recreational areas. They can also be permanently ponded with water to provide insulation and reduce energy costs by lightening the load on air-conditioning.

Cadbury Fry Pascal Factory
Completed in 1963 the roof of the original Cadbury Fry Pascal Factory in Collingwood, Australia, is still being effectively waterproofed and protected by the Everdure Caltite System
Podium deck of Tuen Mun Town Plaza
The podium deck of the Tuen Mun Town Plaza in Hong Kong incorporates a swimming pool, tennis courts, landscaped areas, skate board track etc, effectively waterproofed with the Everdure Caltite System
Bay City Shopping Centre
The Bay City Shopping Complex, Geelong, Australia. The 6000m2 roof carparking deck is waterproofed with Everdure Caltite.
Detailing of Everdure Caltite
Detailing an Everdure Caltite roof is easy. Simply mark the drawings with the following requirements:
1) Everdure Caltite Ssytem
concrete by Cementaid
2) Minimum Ordinary Portland Cement content 350kgs/m3
3) HRD bar reinforcement in two continuous layers