Why Everdure Caltite?


Unsatisfactory performance and premature deterioration / corrosion of high quality concrete structures exposed to aggressive environments is a world-wide phenomenon. The cause lies in the fundamental properties of ordinary concrete itself, chiefly it's inherent porosity. This makes it vulnerable to corrosion attack under many of the exposure conditions our structures must endure. The main limitation; even in concrete of high quality, is its substantial volume of capillaries and in-service micro-cracks. These not only allow water penetration under pressure, but also actively absorb and distribute water and moisture along with any dissolved salts, acids and aggressive chemicals into the concrete;

  • Water and moisture cause leakage and dampness,
  • Chlorides induce rusting of reinforcement,
  • Sulphates attack and disrupt the concrete matrix,
  • Acids, fertilisers etc disintegrate the cement paste.

Conventional protective measures (ie surface treatments, coated rebar, pozzolanic materials and corrosion inhibitors) attempt to overcome the inherent deficiencies in ordinary concrete. However such methods themselves have certain practical limitations to their effective application and are not able to provide adequate durability in many field environments.

EVERDURE CALTITE directly addresses and corrects this fundamental limitation of concrete, i.e. its porosity. EVERDURE CALTITE is a time-proven, practical system which produces effectively non-absorbent, impermeable and durable field concrete. EVERDURE CALTITE has a time-proven track record of more than 37 years of successfully protecting concrete structures against corrosion, even under the most severe conditions.