Colour ROKITE*



A corrosion & stain resistant impregnation and trafficable coloured sealer for protecting and beautifying new or old concrete. Prevents dusting and seals surface to resist corrosion and staining from oils, grease, fats, lubricants, sugars, lactic acids, mildly acidic or caustic solutions, etc.


“All floor surfaces (specify areas) when thoroughly clean, dry, and free of dust, grease, oil etc. and at least 14 days old, shall be impregnated to resist corrosion and staining with Cementaid Colour ROKITE applied evenly in two or more coats by brush, short-nap lambswool roller or low-pressure spray, at the rate of 1 litre per 5 – 6 square metres 1 st coat / 1 litre per 7 – 8 square metres 2nd coat, strictly in accordance with manufacturer's instructions for ensuring complete penetration. All surfaces should first be pre-dampened & treated by acid-etching using a 5 -10% hydrochloric acid solution or as required to achieve effective etching / textured surface, immediately followed by thorough rinsing and allowed to dry, thoroughly before application of Colour ROKITE.”

NOTE: For heavily trafficked floors (e.g. fork-lifts, etc.), or floors subject to acidic conditions, pre-treatment with Cementaid DIAMITE Case-Hardening & Dust-proofing Liquid is strongly recommended, for increased protection against abrasion-wear & chemical attack. Apply DIAMITE after acid etching but before Colour ROKITE.

Where a non-slip, high-traction surface is required, use wood-float finish and / or Cementaid CALGRAINS trowelled into the surface of fresh concrete during placing and finishing. For existing floors where additional traction / anti-slip is required, specify Colour ROKITE Non-Slip Grade.


Colour ROKITE is a unique blend of coloured pigments, toughened plastic and rubber resins in a penetrating solvent. ROKITE penetrates the concrete surface and seals pores to a depth of up to 3mm or more, leaving a tough, durable and fully trafficable coloured wearing-surface. Dusting is completely eliminated, reducing cleaning time and costs. Grease, oil, food spillage’s etc. simply wipe or hose off. Attack by a wide range of corrosive or staining materials is resisted, and absorption of food materials that convert to acids by bacterial or enzyme action is greatly restricted. Effective life - 2 to 3 times greater than similar untreated surfaces. Improves colour, depth and appearance.

Drying time (light foot-traffic only); 1 to 2 hours. No vehicle traffic for minimum 48 hours. Can be periodically re-applied if required, following thorough cleaning of surface using warm soapy water.


Car parks, motor and electrical workshops, factories, storage & warehouse floors, meat works, dairy or food processing floors, ice-cream plants, sugar terminals, etc. All concrete floors subject to oils, grease, lubricants, minerals, mild acids, caustics, sugars, fruit juice, soft drinks etc.

NOTE: The coloured ROKITE surface wearing-film is subject to wear by abrasion / traffic, particularly on smooth or very smooth substrates, and may require periodical re-application to maintain surface colour and / or gloss, depending on traffic. For optimum colour-wearing characteristics, concrete surfaces to receive Colour ROKITE should be roughened using wood float or broom finish to provide “texture”. Smooth or very smooth surfaces subject to high traffic / abrasion should be avoided, or must be suitably roughened by grinding and / or effective acid-etch to provide a textured finish. Alternatively, use Clear ROKITE.


Curing of concrete with water or plastic sheet is recommended. Concrete curing compounds or previous coatings can impair penetration of Colour ROKITE and / or DIAMITE , and should be removed prior to application.
To minimise potential for blistering or “orange peel” effect from vapour-pressure, avoid application of Colour ROKITE under direct intense sunlight or adjacent to open doors / breezes, etc.

Maintain good housekeeping – Do not leave abrasive materials or spilled liquids to stand on ROKITE surfaces. Certain oil products may be able to penetrate or mark ROKITE (e.g. hydraulic fluid). If in doubt, conduct a small trial area first, or contact Cementaid, to confirm suitability.

Colour ROKITE IS FLAMMABLE. Read MSDS and observe all safety precautions. NO SMOKING - NO NAKED FLAMES. Adequate ventilation must be provided. Do not use in areas where solvent odours may enter building ventilation air intakes or adjacent structures, or affect stored foodstuffs or other materials.