LB9 *



  • Sealing & protection of external concrete slab / car park areas, driveways etc. against dusting as well as resistance to penetration & staining by oil or grease, etc.
  • Long-term protection of brickwork, pavers, roof and wall tiles, limestone and where a long-lasting, subdued glaze is required while highlighting natural colour / appearance.
  • Removal of efflorescence.
  • To seal exposed aggregate / architectural masonry surfaces and highlight finish.


“All surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned & dry, free of oil, grease or other contaminants. Brush down to remove all loose foreign materials. Then apply one or two coats of Cementaid LB9 Glazing Liquid (allow 2-6 hours between coats). Apply at the rate of 4-5 m2 per litre, depending on porosity. Coverage for 2nd coat if required, at rate of 6-8 m2 per litre”.

Where a non-slip, high-traction surface is especially important, use Cementaid CALGRAINS trowelled into the surface of fresh concrete during placing and finishing. For existing floors where additional traction / anti-slip is required, specify LB9 Non-Slip Grade.

LB9 is best applied by brush, short nap lambswool roller or low-pressure knapsack spray. Equipment should be cleaned with solvent based thinners such as Xylene (available from Cementaid). Drying time, light foot traffic approx 2 hours, Motor Vehicles minimum 24-48 hours.

LB9 is fully compatible with Cementaid CALCURE CR. Use of other curing membranes may impair effectiveness, therefore use water or CALCURE CR. If concrete is to be pre-treated with DIAMITE, use water or damp curing only.


A high gloss impregnation & surface sealer which dissolves most types of efflorescence and brings out the natural colour of masonry and tiles etc.

LB9 is UV stable and resists penetration, staining and subsequent corrosion from oils, grease, juices, sugars etc, LB9 treated floors are easy to clean and require virtually no maintenance.

Effective life, exterior vertical surfaces 12-15 years: Trafficable slabs 5-8 years or more, depending on traffic. LB9 is available in Clear Glaze or a range of colours. Surfaces to receive Colour LB9 must be acid-etched first to provide a textured / roughened surface.


External concrete floors/car park areas etc. driveways and pavers, roof and wall tiles exposed aggregate, brickwork, limestone, school and kindergarten walls, where long lasting glaze and surface protection is required.



LB9 is an acrylic resin in a penetrating solvent and does NOT contain silicone.


LB9 is UV stable, making it suitable for outdoor use. For sealing interior/covered trafficable areas, Cementaid ROKITE is recommended to be used.


Maintain good housekeeping – Do not leave spilled materials or abrasives to stand on horizontal treated surfaces. Certain oil products may be able to penetrate or mark LB9 (e.g. hydraulic fluid). If in doubt, conduct a small trial area first, or contact Cementaid to confirm suitability.

LB9 liquid is flammable.
Observe all usual precautions with solvents.
Use only under well ventilated conditions.
Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for LB9.

Do not use in areas where solvent odours may enter building ventilation air intakes or adjacent structures, or affect stored foodstuffs or other materials.