Heavy duty concrete floor finish, with high resistance to shock / impact or point-contact loads (as in engineering works, workshops, tracked vehicle floors or roads, etc).


STEELITE Metallic Aggregate


Monolithic floors

Service Requirement: Rate of Application Kg / m2:
Moderate to Heavy Duty 2 – 3 Kg / m2
Heavy Duty 3 – 6 Kg / m2

All floors (state areas) shall be resistant to shock / impact and/or point-loading by the application of STEELITE metallic aggregate at the rate of (select rate as per Service Requirement above) Kgs per square metre. The STEELITE shall be mixed with an equal quantity of cement and distributed evenly over the FRESHLY SCREEDED surface in at least two ‘throws’ at right angles to each other to give even distribution. The STEELITE shall then be trowelled in by hand with WOODEN FLOATS and later machine trowelled to a hard dense finish.

Where STEELITE is used at 3.5 kg per square metre or more, it shall be mixed with cement at the rate of 2 STEELITE : 1 cement.

Granolithic Toppings (Contact Cementaid for Technical Service & recommendations) All floors (nominate areas) shall be topped within 24 hours of screeding base concrete with a STEELITE metallic topping, bonded using Cementaid WELDCRETE Bonding Agent, and rolled and screeded to a thickness of (state thickness),

and trowelled to a uniform finish. Proportions of topping mix to be ( : : : ),of type GP cement : Steelite : sand : 6mm crushed aggregate (select mix from the following);

Class of Service & Mix Proportions (by wt) Approximate Steelite Content (Kgs/m2) in thickness;
12mm 20mm 25mm 40mm 50mm
Class A - 1 : 1 : 1 : 3
Very heavy-duty floors subject to severe impact or point-contact loads
* 6 8 12 16
Class B - 1 : 0.5 : 1.5 : 3
Heavy-duty Industria
* 3 4 6 8
Class C - 2 : 1.5 : 5 : 0
General Industrial
3 5 6 * *


Increases resistance to mechanical surface damage from heavy impact, point-loading and severe abrasion by 500-800%, and hence effective life of floor. Increases ‘Slip-resistant’ nature of surface.


All heavy-duty floors, such as engineering works, workshops, tracked vehicle floors or roads. All areas subject to traffic of wheeled trolleys, or any kind of impact loading, or storage and handling of heavy or angular objects.


  1. Always assist optimum results by using CALCURE curing membrane.
  2. In damp, wet or corrosive environments, corrosion protection by using CALTITE heavy duty water-proofing compound is most important. Contact CEMENTAID for special recommendations.