An environmentally firendly, water-based Form and Mould Release Agent for application to concrete moulds and formwork. CALFORM WB’s unique emulsion of specially formulated biodegradable oils in water, aids in the release of the hardened concrete from formwork, for production of high quality concrete finish on stripping.

Unlike common form oils, CALFORM WB Form Release Agent forms a physical barrier between the form and the concrete. The unique modifiers in CALFORM WB react with alkali components in the fresh concrete, forming an inert film that promotes clean separation of the concrete from the mould surface and enhances quality of finish.


Form Release Agent


Water-based, environmentally friendly, non toxic, non flammable, biodegradable, solvent free, Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), low odour, renewable.

Suitable for use on porous or non-porous forms such as timber, plywood, plastic, fibreglass, metal*, elastomer and expanding polystyrene foam moulds.


Apply evenly by spray (preferred), brush, roller or mop. Coverage (high-pressure spray/non-porous forms, etc.) approx 40-50m2 per litre. For porous forms and / or low-pressure spray application, coverage is approx. 15-30m2 per litre. Avoid pooling. Can be diluted with water. (Trial recommended).


Porous forms like timber should be used soon after treatment and protected from rain/weathering prior to use.

Clean form surfaces regularly to avoid build up on the form surface over time. Prevent CALFORM WB from freezing as separation may occur.

*NOTES: As CALFORM WB’s water-based, it can contribute to rust effects when used on some metals (e.g. mild steel moulds). The natural oils in CALFORM WB will normally protect against rusting, but in the case of susceptible form materials (e.g. mild steel) and/or where the process is highly sensitive to discolouration, it is recommended to test steel moulds for rust-sensitivity before commencing extensive production.