CALVAP evaporation retardant and finishing aid enhances surface workability and reduces surface moisture evaporation during placement & finishing, to help produce high quality concrete flatwork. Because CALVAP retards evaporation, it is especially effective in combating the harmful effects of rapid drying conditions including, high ambient and/or concrete temperatures, low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight or work in heated interiors during cold weather, etc.


  • Concrete surfaces where the evaporation rate exceeds the rate of bleeding of the concrete
  • Air-entrained and non-air-entrained concrete
  • Silica fume concrete
  • Concrete containing fly ash


  • Reduces surface moisture evaporation by up to 80% in wind and up to 40% in sunlight
  • Eliminates or reduces crusting, stickiness and underlying sponginess which often cause unevenness and poor surface texture
  • Reduces and, in many instances, eliminates plastic settlement cracking and wind crusting of flatwork surfaces
  • Supplements the recommended practices for hot weather concreting
  • Safeguards against the ill effects of evaporation
  • Allows lower slump and lower unit water content in concrete used for flatwork
  • Facilitates use of air-entrained concrete, required for durability and workability, in situations where air-entrainment might be avoided for fear that it would increase concrete’s susceptibility to crusting and stickiness under drying conditions
  • VOC compliant


  • Virtually eliminates past need to add extra mixing water to compensate for rapid evaporation during finishing
    Enhanced ease and speed of concrete trowelling & finishing works
  • Saves time and money by increasing the amount of surface handled per finisher even under rapid drying conditions
  • Timing of the operations is less critical, thus reducing overall cost


    Under hot and/or high wind placement conditions, apply Cementaid CALVAP solution diluted in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions immediately after screeding and/or between finishing operations, as needed. Do not allow “pooling”.

    Guidelines for Use
    Dosage: One litre of CALVAP mixed with nine litres of water yields 10 litres of spray-able solution. Ten litres of this diluted CALVAP solution will cover 40 to 80 m² of fresh concrete. If more than one application of CALVAP is made, as under adverse drying conditions, the quantity required will be increased accordingly.
    Application: Apply with a constant pressure or industrial-type sprayer (flow-rate ~ 2Lts/Min). CALVAP forms a monomolecular film when sprayed onto the fresh concrete surface immediately after screeding and/or between finishing operations (as needed).This protective shield usually lasts as long as concrete remains plastic, despite succeeding floating and trowelling operations.
    Treated surfaces are readily distinguished from untreated surfaces by the pink colour of the film in the presence of surface moisture and ultraviolet rays (sunlight or artificial lighting).The pink coloured fugitive tint disappears completely upon drying. Any residue remaining on the surface of hardened concrete weathers-off & does not impair bonding or alter colour.