An invisible, high performance anti-graffiti impregnation for interior & exterior natural / architectural concrete, masonry, and render surfaces, providing graffiti-protection and surface preservation without altering original or natural appearance


GraffeX* Anti-Graffiti Impregnation


GraffeX*s advanced “super-slippery” molecules penetrate several millimetres into the surface of concrete and masonry substrates and affix / bind chemically to the underlying calcium silicate, leaving the surface able to “breathe”, with little or no change to its natural appearance and/or texture.

GraffeX*s double impregnation resists penetration and adhesion of fresh paint. This inhibits or impairs the bond of common graffiti spray paints, allowing easier and more effective removal, with minimal or no “ghost” marking.


  • Eliminates discolouration, “mottling”, delamination and maintenance of barrier coatings.
  • Non film-forming - virtually invisible once applied, with little or no change in appearance,
  • Inhibits penetration and adhesion of most common graffiti paints
  • Allows safer, easier, faster and superior removal from the surface and in depth, using commercial water-based cleaning agents.
  • Effective removal of a range of graffiti paints, with zero or minimal “ghost” marking or residue of the graffiti.
  • Can be re-applied without marking.
  • Sterilises the substrate to resist mould & fungus.
  • GraffeX* is highly water repellent and will resist wetting of the substrate. This protects against not only graffiti, but also against efflorescence, pollution, dirt & grime from marring the appearance of the substrate.
  • Lasting protection; ~ 5–7 years exterior, 8–10 interior
  • Maintains clean, new appearance & high building value

All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, oils, grease, curing compounds, paints and other coatings, efflorescence, and laitance before applying.

CEMENTAID GraffeX* should be applied onto the clean, DRY masonry surface to achieve maximum absorption in two, separately applied flood-on impregnations, that allow a 150mm run-down of material from the application point. Apply with a brush, roller or very low pressure sprayer (preferred, 1 – 2 psi; no “misting”), allowing 4 or more hours between applications.

Coverage of GraffeX* is approximately 2 – 6 m²/litre/coat, depending on porosity. Coverage guide;

Concrete and cement render Not less than 1 litre per 3-6 sq. metres
Texture and wire cut bricks Not less than 1 litre per 4.5 sq. metres
Concrete block Not less than 1 litre per 2-3 sq. metres
Pressed clay brickwork/pavers Not less than 1 litre per 5.0 sq. metres
Sandstone Not less than 1 litre per 2.0 sq. metres
Limestone Not less than 1 litre per 1.5 sq. metres
Terracotta or cement tiles Not less than 1 litre per 5.0 sq. metres

NOTES: Dense or smooth substrates may require less material than above on second coat, to avoid over-application/surface accumulation. Extremely porous substrates like split concrete block, faux bricks, etc., may require more than two flooding impregnations to achieve effective saturation. May cause slight darkening of white or light coloured substrates. A trial area is recommended to be conducted first to verify coverage and appearance, etc. Re-apply single coat if surface water-repellence is removed following harsh or repeated cleaning abrasion. Do not use solvent-based cleaners to remove graffiti.

GraffeX* is not recommended for painted, glazed, polished or other non-porous surfaces.


“All surfaces (specify areas) to be protected against graffiti by a double saturation impregnation with Cementaid GraffeX* Anti-Graffiti Impregnation in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.”

Two applications are require for anti-graffiti protection to walls up to approx. 2 metres high. Cementaid recommend the remaining facades / areas ‘out of reach’, also be kept clean and pristine to match the graffiti-protected areas over time by a single impregnation of CEMENTAID GraffeX*
(Alternatively to reduce cost, use the compatible Cementaid DRIWAL P6, to preserve the non-graffiti protected areas in similarly new appearance.)
GraffeX* liquid is flammable.
Observe all usual precautions with solvents.
Use only under well ventilated conditions.
Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for GraffeX*

Do not use in areas where solvent odours may enter building ventilation air-intakes or adjacent structures, or affect stored foodstuffs or other materials. Do not apply in windy conditions or allow contact with plants or vegetation.