Audi HQ, Brentford

  • Feb 28, 2008
Audi HQ Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Architect: Wilkinson Eyre
Contractor: Ground Construction
Structural engineer: Expedition
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Retail, Commercial, Underground
Where Used:

3,800m3 of Everdure Caltite used to eliminate membranes and waterproof the basement and ground level slab of Audi’s new office/showroom. Complex flagship building consisting of a RC Basement, RC Cores and Steel Frame Superstructure with Composite Slabs. 2 Levels Basement with a waterproof requirement being paramount due to the aggressive groundwater table and pressure in the Brentford basin. The designers, owners and contractors rely on the Everdure Caltite for permanent inherently Dry!, and design-life corrosion freedom for their below ground structures. Interlocking sheet piles with watertight seals & residual welding of the clutches. The lower basement slab together with the external podium slab area were constructed using inherently dry, impermeable Everdure Caltite waterproof concrete. To dramatically reduce the programme duration, the 2No. cores were constructed in advance of the main works. Use of 2 in?house tower cranes and rebar detailers. CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: • Installing sheet piling to the site perimeter using a sub?contractor. • Installing and Maintaining Temporary Works to support the deep Basement Excavation. • Reduced Excavation and Spoil of 35000 m3 of as?dug material because no excess space was available for past ordinary membrane waterproofing. • One?sided wall construction in water?proof basement. • Construction of 2No. RC Cores using the Peri Jump/Climbing System. • Fabricating and Installing of Specialised steel elements.