Ausgrid Substations

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Structural engineer:
Products Used: 3CC
Type: Commercial, Industrial, Tunnels
Where Used:

Cementaid 3CC System concrete is being used in the new Energy Australia Substations for waterproofing and durability protection of their electrical substation basement floors and walls housing cable rooms. Cementaid 3CC System is a critical tool in Ausgrid/Energy Australia’s design to deliver maintenance-free concrete waterprofing and long-term durability in the new substation projects. This is a high priority for Energy Australia, as they require their substations substructures to exceed the design life of the building, which on average is over 50 years. As the inherently DRY! Cementaid 3CC concrete has massively high resistance, it prevents the otherwise rapid destruction of reinforcing steel in the structure, from stray current. Cementaid 3CC concrete is time-proven to deliver this, with a 50-year history of ongoing successful use in Australia and internationally. The client’s substations are all cleverly designed to blend in with the local surroundings, looking more like dwellings than the heavy duty purpose they contain.