Brisbane Supreme Court Extensions

  • Jul 1, 2012
415 George Street, Brisbane , Queensland, Australia
Architect: MLA Architects (HK) Ltd.
Contractor: Lend Lease
Structural engineer: MSE Engineers
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Where Used:

The construction by Lend Lease of the Brisbane Supreme Law Courts extension took approximately 2 years. Within the scope of design by Architectus, Everdure Caltite was used in the following areas – lift pits; cable pits and thermal recycling tanks. The total usage was 1,195 m3. Consistent with Lend Lease’s preferred suppliers for below ground waterproofing applications, Cementaid (Qld) batched at the close by Boral, Bowen Hills premix plant. Site difficulties included a very small premix batch plant and very high traffic levels as the Law Courts are surrounded by three of Brisbane’s busiest streets. The thermal recycling tank was a large component of the building ‘green 5 star rating’.