Bugis Junction

  • Jan 1, 1994
Bugis Junction, , , Sinapore
Architect: DP Architect
Contractor: Nishimatsu-Lum Chang JV
Structural engineer: Meinhardt Singapore
Products Used: Everdure Caltite, Diamite
Type: Retail, Commercial
Where Used:

A very prestige project developed by Straits Steamship in 1994. The concept is to convert the famous Bugis areas (with different streets) to a modern mix development with hotel and shopping mall all under air conditioning. The site is located at Bugis which is considered as one of the most busiest traffic area in Singapore. In down town district, this site is full of site constraints. Nishimatsu-Lum Chang JV being the Main Contractor of the project proposed Cementaid’s Caltite Waterproofing System and Diamite Flooring System for the project. They regard Cementaid products as reliable. In fact, right before this project, the same Contractor used the same Cementaid Caltite System in the whole basement of Suntec City and found it very effective. That is the reason why the Contractor has full confidence to adopt the same system in this project once again. This is a 2+ levels basement meant for carpark as well as retail habitable spaces.