Camden Medical Centre

  • Jan 1, 2000
Orchard Boulevard, , ,
Architect: DP Architect
Contractor: Kajima Overseas Asia
Structural engineer: Ove Arup- Singapore
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Healthcare, Commercial
Where Used:

Camden Medical Centre is one of the medical centre projects by Pontiac Marina Group, Singapore. This Camden Medical Centre was built in Year 2000 and it was not an easy task to build it. First of all, it is located at Orchard Boulevard which is at the outskirt of the Orchard belt, the busiest place in Singapore. Moreover, this location is surrounded by all the high end residential areas. Hence, the working hours and noise control to this project were very tight. Kajima Overseas Asia being the Main Contractor realized that it would not be easy to build a two-levels basement in such a constraints. Knowing that the basement construction is the critical path in the whole project and therefore it must be constructed as fast and as smooth as possible. Finally, based on the above consideration and Kajima’s faith to Cementaid’s waterproofing products, Cementaid Caltite was selected and employed in this project to waterproof the basement.