Central Park Jakarta

  • Oct 21, 2010
Jl. Let. Jend. S Parman, Kav.28, Jakarta, , Indonesia
Architect: MLA Architects (HK) Ltd.
Contractor: PT. TJ Silfanus
Structural engineer: PT. Gistama Intisemesta
Products Used: Aquapel, Weldcrete
Type: Retail, Commercial, Residential, Pools & Tanks, Hotel
Where Used:

Central Park is the largest mix used development inside PODOMORO City, located in Jakarta Indonesia. Central Park owner and developer, AGUNG PODOMORO Group is one of the largest developer of medium to high end residential and commercial projects in Indonesia. Central Park mix used development, including a Hotel Tower, 3 Apartment Towers, Office Tower and a huge Mall area. The owner’s Project Director, the Engineer and the Contractor have been using Cementaid HPI since early 1990s and continued using HPI at Central Park. The total foot print area of Central Park basement is 70,000 m2(7 hectares). The Basement slab/retaining wall(1 level basement Car Park and Retail area), Ground Floor podium, roofs of 2nd Floor/3rd Floor/4th Mezzanine Floor/5th Floor/8th Floor/9th Floor/12th Floor/13th Floor, Roof Deck of the Apartment Towers/Hotel Tower/Office Tower, GWT, STP and WTP of Central Park are all using Cementaid Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredients(HPI). The project saved approximately 3 months of construction time if compared with basement construction using membrane or tanking system. The owner and contractor are happy with the services provided by Cementaid and with the result of all the HPI concrete structures, which are permanently waterproofed. Adjacent to Central Park is the Taman Anggrek Mall and Condominium (8 condo towers) and its 2 level basement also used Cementaid Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredients in 1996 and still in good condition. It is important to remember that the owner, architect and contractor, and the end users are relying solely on permanently DRY!, Cementaid HPI concretes. Absolutely NO membranes were used on any water exposed concretes. If you would like to know more about this project, see the Wikipedia article here;