Changi Wastewater Retreatment Plant (CWRP)

  • Jan 1, 2005
Changi - Singapore, , , Singapore
Architect: PUB Arch - Singapore
Contractor: Sembawang Construction
Structural engineer: CH2M Hill - Singapore
Products Used: Everdure Caltite, 3CC, Aquapel
Type: Industrial, Commercial, Underground, Waste Water / Sewage Treatment Plant
Where Used:

The CWRP (Changi Water Reclamation Plant) is a part of the Singapore New Water Scheme Project managed by the PUB (Public Utilities Board). The project is to build deep underground tunnels (approx. 70m below ground) linking up the whole island to transport waste water to water treatment plants, which are located in Changi. The plant will treat the raw sewage from the system, and deposit it 5km out into the Straits of Singapore via underground pipes. The Changi plant has about 75,000 sq. m. of space on its roof. The whole project is handling up to 4.2 million cubic metres of sewage a day, or enough for a population up to seven million. CWRP concrete generic performance specification The Project Manager and Consultant are convinced that an effective integral system should be used for the concrete in the treatment plant at Changi as basic protection to concrete as waterproofing and durability enhancer, therefore our Caltite / 3CC is used in base slabs and walls of tanks, Aquapel is used for slabs, walls and roofs of retreatment plant.