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In this project, Cementaid has achieved another milestone by using Caltite in a Diaphragm wall making it waterproof. In the past, as many will know that it is impossible to waterproof a Diaphragm wall, but now, Cementaid has pushed the limits and made it possible. More than 10,000m3 of Caltite have been used in the basement’s Diaphragm wall and more than 3000m3 of 3CC have been used in the 1st storey slab. In future, owners can utilise more space in their developments, when using a diaphragm wall because they do not need a cavity wall system anymore. Owners can also save on their utility bills as they can reduce/eliminate the pump capacity in the ejector pit as there will not be any inflow of water from the diaphragm wall to be pumped out of the building.


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October 4, 2021