Cocoaland Factory and Office

Lot 1357 Sg. Bakau, Jalan Pusat Serenti Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia
Architect: Cocoaland Industry Sdn. Bhd.
Contractor: EBSB Builders Sdn Bhd
Structural engineer:
Products Used: 3CC
Type: Industrial
Where Used: Roof

The Project Cocoaland Industry Sdn Bhd is the principal manufacturing arm of the Cocoaland Holding Group, manufacturing mainly chocolates, hard candy, fruit gummy, cookies, wafer, snack and beverage with product brands such as “Lot 100”, “Cocopie”, “Koko Jelly”, “Diction”, “Fruit 10”, “Green Home”, “Mum’s Bake”, “Golbean”, “Rotong” and etc. Design Constraints As the building is generally used for the manufacturing of food products, one of their main considerations when designing their factory would waterproofing to the concrete flat roof as any leakages would have the tendency to disrupt their daily operations or even ruin their products. Since the building is also owned and maintained by Cocoaland, they would look for a permanent waterpoofing system which would eventually save them money in terms of future maintenance such as repairing or re-roofing the concrete flat roof. The Solution Cementaid proposed to use 3CC System to be dosed into the concrete. Cementaid 3CC System is able to make the entire concrete hydrophobic as it has the ability to control the water absorportion property of concrete to a constant <1.5% when tested under BS1881: Pt 122: 1983 ed. The 3CC System is the most attractive and practical alternative to other waterproofing methods as it is able to provide a permanent waterproofing solution as well as reducing construction time and cost, space saving, simplified design and ease of repair, if any.