Gandaria City is one of the largest mix use projects in Indonesia. The whole complex include a huge Mall, 3 levels of Basement Car Park, Office Tower, Residential Towers and Hotel. The owner’s Project Director had a successful experience in using HPI in his previous Sun Plaza project in Medan, thus decided to use Cementaid Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredients( HPI) to permanently waterproof the basement, podium & roof of Gandaria City. The 1,200 mm thick flat slab at basement 3 was incorporated with REDSEAL at its full thickness, including all Raft Foundations. AQUAPEL10 used in the 400 to 500 thick Basement 3 Ret Wall, AQUAPEL at Basement 2 Ret Wall and REDSEAL at Basement 1 Ret Wall. Used AQUAPEL10 at podium over Car Park and 3CC at Podium over habitable areas. Used 3CC at slab and Wall of all Water Tanks, STP, Pump Stations and Fire Tanks. Used 3CC at Roof over habitable areas, suspended swimming pool at the podium and at the Helipad. The project saved approximately 90 days of construction time or equivalent to about US$ 1 million savings in operational costs. The owner & contractor are happy with the over-all result. Toilets and wet areas used Cementaid Weldcrete Coating(cementitious waterproofing) as well.


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October 4, 2021