Hong Kong Disneyland

  • Dec 31, 2012
Hong Kong Disneyland Sunny Bay, Hong Kong, ,
Architect: Leigh & Orange Ltd.
Contractor: Yau Lee Construction Co., Ltd.
Structural engineer: Meinhardt (C&S) Ltd
Products Used: Everdure Caltite, 3CC
Type: Pools & Tanks, Hotel
Where Used:

IN phase 1 development, the two themed land of the Hong Kong Disneyland and Resort, the underground structure wall and slab, footing and external wall of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Space Mountain, Busslightyear, Tarzan’s Tree, Jumbo Ride, Train Station and Terrace Restaurant; the external wall/retaining wall of the Mickey’s Philharmagic, Winnie The Pool, Princess Shop, The Orbitron, Snow White Grotto and the Fantasyland Fare Restaurant and Café; the cap of the Tea Cups Ride, the Small World were all used 3CC System. While the slab of the North and South Bridge, Tomorrowland’s Culvert and the Service Area South and Parade underpass; the wall and slab of the Cooling Tower, Adventureland Culvert Bridge and the Disneyland Hotel’s swimming pool, Jacuzzi and water tanks were using Everdure Caltite System. IN phase 2 development, Cementaid 3CC was further used to waterproof the underground structure for the Toy Storey Land, Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch.