Humen Second Bridge

1. Humen Second Bridge located in Nansha district, connecting south Guangzhou area and Dongguan city. It will release the pressure of the over-loaded old Humen bridge and will be a very important crossing part of Pearl River Delta highway system in the future. 2. Location Used: Pile Caps and Columns(tiding zone and splash area) 3. Features:The bridge, very near to South China sea, will face the potential corrosion of the regular sea tide. The concrete was designed by 100 years lifetime, and to save the cost, Cementaid Caltite system was designed to form an 2-meter-thickness out-shell wrapping the whole cap. The HPI system provides corrosion-proof to cap and column concrete, simple and fast construction, maintenance free and low construction cost, enhance durability of the bridge structure.


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October 5, 2021