Institut Sinaran

KM 10 Jalan Tuaran ByPass, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Structural engineer:
Products Used: 3CC
Type: Educational
Where Used: Roof

The Project : Institut Sinaran was established in 1987 as Sabah Tshung Tsin Pre-University Centre to provide affordable, internationally recognized Pre-U qualifications locally. Institut Sinaran was upgraded to an institute on 14 July 2002 and is presently the biggest Cambridge GCE A-Level Centre in East Malaysia. The Reliable Waterproofer : Cementaid’s Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredient (HPI) integral waterproofing system was selected for this project based on its time proven records and cost effective solutions because HPI concrete is waterproof when it is placed, schedule acceleration and reliability are built-in and there are no membranes to apply, tear or damage, so protection is not needed. Construction can continue even under wet or damp conditions with time-savings of many weeks or months are typical. Therefore, the 3CC System with its ability to make the entire concrete hydrophobic was proposed and approved for the project. This 3CC System will become substantive to the concrete matrix and permanently waterproofed the structure throughout its mass providing a long term performance and maintenance-free reinforced concrete flat roof for the owner.