Maoming Shuidong Bay Water Supply project

  • Oct 18, 2017
Maoming, Guangdong, , China
Architect: Not know
Contractor: Maoming city hydra-engineering management bureau
Structural engineer: Not know
Products Used: Aquapel
Type: Public, Waste Water / Sewage Treatment Plant
Where Used:

This project is to solve the water supply shortage of Shuidong bay area. Including a new pumping station of Rudong rive and 39.76km pipeline system. The pumping station is in the riverside and the base slab is 15m under water level. The main structure choose Aquapel system as the anti corrosion solution for the durability of concrete. Aquapel can keep the concrete into relatively dry condition and prevent the water penetration from the outside soil. Therefore, the reinforcement can be protected from corrosion caused by the water.