Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Singapore

  • Apr 20, 2010
Marina Bay, , , Singapore
Architect: Aedas Singapore
Contractor: Yau Lee Construction Co., Ltd.
Structural engineer: Arup
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Commercial, Underground
Where Used:

MBS Singapore is one of the largest commercial projects in Singapore construction history. It is located at the new Marina Bayfront area and designed with 4-levels of basement meant for carpark as well as high end convention facilities. This project was sub-divided into 3 phrases, i.e. MBS hotel as phrase I; Retail phase with the North and Central carparks as phrase II; The Convention Centre with South carpark makes up phrase III. The project in phrases I and II were firstly waterproofed by a type of crystallization product. However, the result was not promising and there were a lot of leaking spots to handle and a lot of hack and patch involved. When it came to phase III, the project was awarded to M/s Yau Lee Construction which is incorporated in Hong Kong. Seeing the phrase I and II performance, they had decided to talk with the Consultants to swap the waterproofing system to Cementaid’s Hydrophobic Pore-blocking type (HPI), the one that they always used in Hong Kong in the past. The Consultants then requested Cementaid to submit our 3CC PB system for the US Army concrete code test which is a requirement in the Specification, in order to prove that 3CC PB system can resist 140m (14 bars) of water head pressure, without leakage. The test was carried out in a local Singaporean laboratory which confirmed the favourable result. The owners rely on Cementaid’s 3CC PB system to deliver design life, hydrophobic, corrosion proof reinforced structural concrete for the Marina Bay Sands’ 4-level basement (approx. 30m below water table, and in direct contact with seawater) and part of the amazing in-house canal sections. The result is maintenance-free and leak-free structures, brilliant, and all parties involved in the projects are happy.