Millenia M Square

Jalan Puchong Perdana 2 Desamillenia, Puchong Perdana, Selangor, Malaysia
Architect: Akipanel
Contractor: Kumpulan CLO Bersekutu Sdn Bhd
Structural engineer: SY Perunding
Products Used: 3CC
Type: Retail, Residential
Where Used: Pools & Tanks, Podium Deck

M Square is built on a 2.93-acre development with built-up of 380,000 sf, which is linked to the 255-room Hilton Garden Inn as well as a trendy 2.1 million sf street mall comprising of 13 blocks of 6-storey retail and office units. This development is deemed to be Klang Valley’s first water commercial development combining business, lifestyle and world class accommodation. Mix development title with future maintenance cost by developer, Cementaid waterproofing admixtures was introduce for easy maintenance in future. Rather than using waterproofing systems with life span concern and difficulties for replacement in future.