Miri Port Authority Administration Tower Office

  • Jan 1, 1996
, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Contractor: Muhibbah Berhad
Structural engineer: Wahba Engineering
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Marine, Bridges
Where Used:

Miri Port Authority Administration Tower Office was completed in year 1996. Owners and consultants need long lasting and durable performance for the waterproofing and corrosion proofing system. Cementaid Everdure Caltite, the HPI Corrosion Proofing System was used for the 1 level basement which constructed in peat soil by saline Baram river. The submerged spun pile driven 2 to 3 length into river bed with 800mm diameter was dosed with Everdure Caltite too. As for the port surface, Cementaid floor hardener, Calmet Redseal had been applied with dosage of 7kg/ m2. In total, Everdure Caltite had been dosed into approx. 10,000m3 of concrete~ Till date, the structures enjoy good condition in that no spalling found in the spun pile and the port floor surface still having really good condition.