Patria Park Apartment

  • Aug 30, 2007
Jl. D.I. Panjaitan Kav. 5 - 6, Jakarta, , Indonesia
Architect: PT. Sekawan Designinc Arsitek
Contractor: PT. PP (Persero)
Structural engineer: PT. Davy Sukamta & Partner
Products Used: 3CC, Aquapel
Type: Residential
Where Used:

PT. PP (Persero), the owner and at the same time contractor of PATRIA PARK Apartment specified CEMENTAID HPI from basement to roof of their first owned apartment project. PATRIA PARK Apartment is located at Halim area which is along the Jakarta ring-road. The Basement-3 slab(60 cm top layer of the 2 meters flat slab), Basement-3 Retaining Wall, STP, GWT, PITS, Podium, Swimming Pool at Podium Deck and the Roof Deck of the above Apartment used 3CC System. B-2 and Retaining Wall used AQUAPEL 10 and B-1 Retaining Wall used AQUAPEL. Presently, the basement, suspended swimming pool and roof are all in very good conditions.