Perth Mint

  • Jan 1, 1987
310 Hay St East Perth, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Structural engineer:
Products Used: Driwal P6
Type: Institutional
Where Used:

The Perth Mint Heritage Protection & Preservation The Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest operating Mint, established in 1899 to mint gold sovereigns for the British Empire. The Mint is owned by the Western Australian Government and is Australia’s specialist precious metals mint, producing collector and investment coins for world markets. Perth Mint coins and bars are internationally recognised. In 1987 the sandstone exterior was thoroughly renovated & cleaned, revealing the beautiful facade. To ensure that the natural appearance would be maintained into the new century, the Mint decided to protect the freshly cleaned stone surfaces with a single flood-on application of Cementaid DRIWAL P6 Preservation Treatment. DRIWAL P6 consists of a water-repellent siloxane component and a unique modifier, “P6”, dissolved in a penetrating solvent. Flooded onto masonry or concrete, DRIWAL penetrates several millimetres into the surface, delivering the water-repelling components deep into the substrate before drying “invisibly” – No physical “film” or darkening effect is left, preserving the masonry’s completely natural appearance, which is able to “breathe”. Unmodified silicone treatments may only last two or three years, before requiring re-application. DRIWAL’s Calcium Fixing “P6” formula, chemically binds the silicone components to calcium compounds within the masonry surface, so it has a much longer life. This extended long-term performance is unique to Cementaid DRIWAL. The long-term water repellency of DRIWAL P6, coupled with its anti-mould fungicidal action, keeps the surface dry and protects against mould or fungal growth. In 2002, 15 years after the original application, DRIWAL P6 continues to protect & maintain the new appearance of the Perth Mint building, greatly enhancing it’s attraction to visitors and buyers alike, while preserving this important National Heritage asset for future generations.