Pump House at Lower Seletar Reservoir

  • Jan 1, 2009
, , , Singapore
Architect: CPG Arch
Contractor: Marina Technologies Con
Structural engineer: CPG Engineers
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Industrial, Marine, Pools & Tanks
Where Used:

Another PUB marine structures designed by CPG. This pump house is literally built in the middle of reservoir. The construction method was never easy. To create space, the Contractor had to drive sheetpiling to form a big rectangle in the water. Marine Technologies, the Main Contractor was new to Singapore market then. They realized that the construction period of the project was short and very much affected by the tidal factor. A wrong choice of waterproofing system may cripple them. Eventually, they adopted Cementaid’s Caltite as the only waterproofing system to the concrete. They love the idea that the program of waterproofing and casting were basically combined into one. Through tight QAQC, the whole structure was completed ahead of schedule and since open til now no repair is needed!