Reef Casino Cairns

  • Apr 1, 1995
35-41 Whalf Street, Cairns , Queensland , Australia
Architect: Michael Dysart
Contractor: Concrete Constructions
Structural engineer: MPN Consulting
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Commercial, Hotel
Where Used:

The fabulous glass domed roof slab itself, relies on Cementaid Everdure Caltite System to keep the casino and hotel DRY! Caltite concrete is permanent, so there will never be a need to ‘replace membranes’ at the end of their service life. Or if the membrane leaked. A lot of trouble to dig up the indoor jungle, and house the crocodile while trying to find the leak and fix it! Caltite concrete is for design life, maintenance-freedom. Cairns Rainforest Dome is a recent attraction to open within the Cairns casino complex featuring a spectacular all weather wildlife exhibit encased by a 20 metre high glass dome on the rooftop of the casino. 100 species of Australian animals are able to wander and fly freely throughout the dome which replicates their natural environment. The Rainforest Dome offers guests a quality wildlife experience that promotes education and understanding of rainforest ecology. See the Cairns’ first underwater viewing crocodile enclosure which enables visitors to view, eyeball to eyeball, a large saltwater crocodile!