Shun Tak Centre / Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, Hong Kong

  • Sep 12, 1983
Shun Tak Centre Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, ,
Architect: MLA Architects (HK) Ltd.
Contractor: Hip Hing Constructions Ltd.
Structural engineer: Maunsell Consultant (Asia) Ltd.
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Commercial, Marine, Underground
Where Used:

Placed in 1983, with now more than twenty (20) years’ exposure to the severe marine environment and high ambient temperatures of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, the Caltite concrete used for the Shun Tak Centre / HK-Macau Ferry Terminal’s basement substructure is still in excellent condition – unequivocal proof of the uniquely effective corrosion-proofing and waterproofing performance of the Everdure Caltite System for structural concrete. The Shun Tak Centre’s basement substructure extends some 8 metres below sea level, and contains habitable, working areas. The sea wall, landward walls and basement slab were cast with Caltite concrete. No membranes, coatings, cavity walls or drainage systems were required, or used. From the time of completion and hand-over in 1983 up to the present (2007), the Caltite structural concrete has shown no signs of distress, deterioration, cracking or corrosion whatsoever. No moisture or dampness has ever penetrated into the interior spaces, as evidenced by the moisture-sensitive paint finish used for the internal working areas remaining in sound, as-new condition without ever requiring re-painting. No maintenance expenditures have been required for the internal or external basement areas at any time during the 20-years of service to date. NOTE: The Everdure Caltite System was used in the Shun Tak Centre’s basement only, it was not used in the attached Macau Ferry Pier. That used good quality normal concrete.