Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

  • Jan 1, 2009
, KK, Sabah, Malaysia
Architect: The Second Highway Design Institute of CCCC Group
Contractor: Pembinaan Suria Wang Sdn Bhd & Sin Kong Con Sdn Bhd
Structural engineer: Wang Haron & Goh Sdn Bhd
Products Used: 3CC
Type: Retail, Commercial, Underground
Where Used: Basement, Roof, Pools & Tanks, Podium Deck, Car Park

One of the owner’s main concerns was that the project is situated very closed to the sea and considered as marine structure and therefore subjected to constant attacks by seawater which can lead to severe rebars corrosion and concrete spalling problems. As the project comprised of a single level basement which houses esteemed restaurants as well as well-established retailers and the fact that the owner will be undertaking the maintence of Suria Sabah Mall upon completion reflected even more concerns on selecting the right waterproofing system. Based on the study done on available information and taking into consideration of the owner’s budget for waterproofing, Cementaid proposed the 3CC System where the owner concluded immediately and verbally awarded the project to Cementaid. During construction, the owner was so pleased with the performance of Cementaid’s HPI integral waterproofing system in the basement that subsequently the owner awarded the waterproofing works of the reinforced concrete flat roof slab carpark (where all respective patrons park their cars) to Cementaid as well. Again, the carpark was permanently waterproofed with Cementaid’s 3CC System and successfully completed on schedule without need for membrane application. This project has been completed in 2009 and has since been performing well without need for maintenance at all. Picture 1 showed the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall during construction, whilst, Picture 2 showed the mall directory at LG (single level basement designated as LG Floor) which houses the many restaurants and established retailers and Picture 3 with a snap shot of the restaurants and established retailers. Picture 4 depicts Suria Sabah Shopping Mall location with close proximity to the sea as extracted from google maps ( Lastly, Picture 5 showed a completed Suria Sabah Shopping Mall.