Tapia Ferry Terminal Underground Carpark,Macau

  • Jun 15, 2008
, MACAU, ,
Architect: PAL Asia Consultants Ltd.
Contractor: Companhia de Construcao e Engenharia Omas, Lda.
Structural engineer: Civil Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd.
Products Used: Aquapel
Type: Underground
Where Used:

1. New terminal combines the neighboring Macau International Airport to reposition the PRD sea and air transport, an important port, in conjunction with the Hong Kong-Macau-Taipa Bridge and the fourth Macau-Taipa channel consecutive Pac On Ferry Terminal an important transport hub. The underground carpark is including 207 private parking spaces and 260 motorcycle parking spaces, as well as the bus station. Then Taipa new terminal, including the “New Terminal in Taipa” and “new pier Taipa underground parking and commercial areas” construction area of about 50,000 square meters. Cementaid Aquapel System is using as the waterproofing system of the carpark’s. Such design has not apply any membrane or other tanking system for the basement slab so as to save construction time & cost at all. 2. Location : Basement Slab ( thickness : 800mm ) ( Negative pressure of about 7 metre head)