The Canopy EC at Yishun Ave 11

  • Dec 31, 2013
Yishun, , , Singapore
Architect: Surbana
Contractor: China Jingye Construction
Structural engineer: Surbana
Products Used: 3CC, Aquapel, Weldcrete
Type: Residential
Where Used:

Executive Condo with a level basement, MCC being the owner and regular client of Cementaid, has called us for proposal during initial stage. After studying the drawings from MCC, Cementaid proposed 3CC System to Suspended Swimming Pool, Aquapel System to basement wall, slab and e-deck. Weldcrete Slurry to planter box, kitchen, balcony and bathroom. This is the second project that we have worked with MCC from basement to unit areas. During the Construction time, our site team has stressed hard on the QAQC for the 3CC System to the Suspended Swimming Pool. We have proposed high slump waterproofing concrete to ensure flow of concrete and proper compaction to the finishes. We are proud to say that with just 3CC System alone, the swimming pool until hand over has not more than 3-4 minor defect points. The Main Contractor was very happy with Cementaid products and service performances and with this, we were ensure with another upcoming project from MCC Land..