Tractors Malaysia Complex Puchong

1, Jalan Puchong Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Architect: SN Low & Associates
Contractor: WCT Engineering
Structural engineer: Datum Design
Products Used: Everdure Caltite
Type: Industrial
Where Used:

Tractors Malaysia offers a comprehensive range of Caterpillar heavy equipment products and engines ranging from earth-moving and forestry equipment to road and building construction and paving that are paired with products support services. Completed in 1998, this building complex comprising of a single level basement have successfully incorporate the use of Everdure Caltite System where concrete is waterproofed using the Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredient (HPI) integral waterproofing system. With Caltite System, the whole concrete structure with hydrophobic matrix is able to control the water absorption properties of the concrete to the lowest i.e. constantly <1.0% tested under BS1881: Part 122: 1983 ed. Caltite System, with more than 50 year time-proven track record of maintenance-free service have ensured that the clients benefit from the most advanced durability protection available, further increasing the long term value of their building.