ZhaoQing Ziyunhui Villa

ZhaoQing, ZhaoQing, , China
Contractor: Guangdong Zhongcheng Construction Group Co.,LTD
Structural engineer:
Products Used: Aquapel
Type: Commercial
Where Used:

1.Location : This project is planned as an resort in mountain foot area, with great site view and fresh air, the project will absorb people in the big cities to have a short weekend vacation to release themselves. Located in the west of Canton province, this resort including 1 hotel, a food street , an entertainment club, and more than one hundred of villas. Since the entertainment club is in the middle of small lake, waterproof is very important to the building’s daily function. Normal membrane system can not be properly applied in such a high water table , humid area. And it’s impossible to repair the membrane once fill back. Finally, Cementaid Aquapel system was applied in the 1 layer Basement with the total area more than 3,000 sqm, including slab and wall. The Aquapel will protect the basement from the water invasion in the next decades. 2.Features? Concrete Grade: G35 , Simple and fast construction, low maintenance and construction cost, offer long-term durability of reinforced concrete.