Zhuhai Hengqin LegendFriendship Square

  • Jul 31, 2016
Guangdong Zhuhai, Hengqin, , China
Architect: Foshan Shunde ArchitecturalDesign Institute Co.,Ltd
Contractor: Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd
Structural engineer: Nil
Products Used: Aquapel
Type: Commercial
Where Used:

1.Location : This classic Portugal style building located in the Hengqin island, Zhuhai city, which is on the opposite of Macau and very near to the custom.The whole project include one main shopping&entertainment center, a large leisure square and two corridors of food street. When put into use, It will abstract Macau people and tourists all over the country to spend a interesting vacation in this exotic landmark. With more than 80,000sqm area, it will be the commercial center of the Hengqin free trade zone in the near future. Since the project is only 300m from the coast and the basement depth is more than 15 meters, the architect thinks it’s important to enhance the concrete’s waterproof grade, Obviously, the membrane system can not be properly applied in such a high water table , typhoon infected area. And the lifetime of all the membrane glued joint/seam are also suspicious in the rush construction period. Finally, Cementaid Aquapel system was applied in the 3-layer Basement with the total area more than 25,000 sqm, including slab and wall. The Aquapel will protect the basement from the water invasion in the next decades. 2.Features: Concrete Grade: G35 , W/C ratio:0.39 Water absorption rate: less than 2.0% Simple and fast construction, low maintenance and construction cost, fundamentally solve the long-term durability problem of reinforced concrete.